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Japanese: 株式会社フューチュアテック

Outline of Business
  1. Manufacturing, Sales and Service for domestic and overseas market for Hardness Tester, Sample Preparation Equipment, Measuring Instrument, Optical Equipment, Material Testing Equipment, and other Precision Testing Instrument
  2. Research & Development on the products listed in (1)
  3. Calibration & Maintenance Service on the products listed in (1)
  4. Laboratory Service on the products listed in (1)
  5. Sales & Service on machinery and machine tools for domestic and overseas markets

Authorized Capital : JP¥95,000,000 (¥50,000 per share)
Paid in Capital  : JP¥50,000,000

HEAD OFFICE(Talkpier Kawasaki Bldg)
HEAD OFFICE(Talkpier Kawasaki Bldg)

February 1, 1995

Member Organization

Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry
(Official Member)
Japan Testing Machinery Association (Official Member)
Japan Metal Heat Treatment Association (Support Member)
Japan Gear Manufacture Association (Support Member)


Talkpier Kawasaki Bldg., No.5-1, 3-Chome, Fujisaki,Kawasaki-ku,Kawasaki-City,Kanagawa Prefecture, 210-0804, JAPAN
TEL : +81-44-270-5789
FAX : +81-44-266-6779
E-mail :

Via Matteotti 23/E, 20090 ASSAGO (MILAN), ITALY
TEL / FAX : +39-02-91669470
MOBILE : +39-335-1803592
E-mail :

International QS

JIS Q 9001:2008 / ISO 9001:2008
JICQA NO.1172 / JAB QMS R002 / RvA MGMT.SYS.C 086
ISO/IEC 17025

Share Holders

8 Individuals, including Kenji Matsuzawa

Board of Directors

Kenji Matsuzawa
Tatsuo Fujimoto
Masaru Shibata
Shinjiro Matsuzawa
Masaru Matsumoto
Alessandro Cantoni
Megumu Yarita

President & C.E.O
Managing Director
Director General Manager
Sales Div.
Director General Manager
Personnel & General Affairs Dept.
Director General Manager
Sales Engineering Dept.
Director General Manager
Europan Rep. Office Chief Representative

Main Products
  1. Rockwell, Vickers and Micro Hardness Tester
  2. Brinell, Shore and Portable Hardness Tester
  3. Automatic Hardness Testing System
  4. Related Equipment and Parts
  5. Sample Preparation Equipments (Cutting/Mounting/Polishing Machines)
  6. Zoom Stereo Microscope
  1. Distributors and Customers in approx, 35 countries, America, Europe, Asia, and ect.
  2. District Agents and Customers in Japan
  3. OEM Business Partner : LECO CORP., Michigan, USA
Trade Banks

MUFG Bank, Ltd. Kawasaki Branch
MIzuho Bank Ltd. Kawasaki Branch
The Resona Bank, Ltd. Tsurumi Branch
The Shoko Chukin Bank,Ltd Omori Branch
The Shizuoka Chuo Bank, Ltd. Kawasaki Branch
The Kawasaki Shinkin Bank Head Office
(random order)

Access Map

10minutes by bus from JR Kawasaki Station

2minutes walk from Bus Stop, Fujisaki 1-chome (Icchome)
Bus Routes list to Fujisaki 1-chome (Icchome) from Kawasaki Station:
Kawasaki-shi-Bus : Route "川04" to Shiohama eigyoujo.
Kawasaki Tsurumi Rinkou Bus : Route "川02" to Tonomachi
Kawasaki Tsurumi Rinkou Bus : Route "川03" to Ukishima Bus terminal
Arrival Station : Fujisaki 1-chome (Icchome)

*There is some bus which will not stop at "Fujisaki 1-chome (Icchome)" even if the Route is

same as above. Please make sure whether the bus will stop at "Fujisaki 1-chome (Icchome)" or not before you get on it.

10minutes walk from Keihin Kyuko Line Kawasaki Daishi Station


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