• 2022/4/22

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    We will run a booth at " TAIWAN INTERNATIONAL TOOLS & HARDWAR EXPO " in Taichung , Taiwan from Oct. 12th to 14th 2022.
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  • 2022/2/27

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    We will run a booth at " Taipei Automation 2022 " in Taipei , Taiwan from Feb. 24th to 27th 2022.
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FLV-AR Series

Innovative elevating type head and wide test load range is adopted.
Advanced intelligent system of high speed sample profiling function.
Improvement of high speed, high accuracy, excellent in operability, reading efficiency and repeatability.
Reliable hardness test as close as human eyes and sensitivity.


Load-cell type loading mechanism

15 steps test load and additional test load can be optionally set by “unit 10g”.


Load apply mechanism by elevating type head

Large heavy sample and multiple samples can be set at once.


Image processing software

Capability of reading unclear indents on un-mirror surface has been improved by more advanced image processing software.


Various measuring pattern

Fully automated test cycle (indent, measuring, recoding data) by selecting measuring pattern.


Various questions brought to FUTURE-TECH.

  • Concerning the certificate, test results and traceability attached to the hardness testers:

    These three documents are included in the price of newly purchased hardness testers.
  • Concerning the shipping documents and the certificate of non-applicability:

    The certificate will be issued after the presentation of Security Regulation Check Sheet (free).
  • Concerning the installation and adjustment:

    The installation and adjustment include the installation, explanation the operation of machine and the training.
  • Concerning the transportation charges:

    The machine will be delivered to the designated place, but as the delivery will be made by the mixed freight, the machine will not be necessarily delivered to the installation site.
  • Concerning the calibration:

    To maintain the accuracy with the customers’ environments, the calibration will be made by the visit to the installation site.
    Please visit for the portable test machine.
  • Concerning the demonstration:

    The demonstrations will be made either at our show room or by the visit to a customer bringing the machine. To make it sure that the right machine will be available, please contact the sales person beforehand.
  • Concerning the guarantee period:

    The machine is guaranteed for one year.
  • Concerning the estimate:

    Please contact our sales agent nearby. Please avoid to contact multiple agents at the same time.


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