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Calibration Service

For the customer who uses FUTURE-TECH products abroad, if the calibration and service are needed, please contact the dealer where you purchased it or us at info@ft-hardness.com


We are based on JIS Q 17025 ( ISO/IEC 17025 ) as accredited standards, and accredited by JCSS who manages the recognition scheme according to ISO/IEC 17011.
IA Japan ( accreditation organization who has managed JCSS ) who is signatory to the Mutual Recognition Arrangement ( MRA ) of International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation ( ILAC ) and Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation ( APLAC ).

We are accredited as MRA Calibration Laboratory of JCSS.
Our accreditation number is JCSS 0228.

Certificate of Accreditation Certificate of Accreditation

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